Wednesday, August 29, 2012

10 Questions with (Ironman Champ!) Bree Wee

Sports Background before triathlons?

Pre triathlon, Surfer girl. Some barrel racing too, even did one rodeo in Texas. I swam with the sharks (sys) but had to quit when I got surf serious.

Pre-race ritual?

Pre race ritual-put on the music, dance a little and eat a lot, and say a quick prayer.

Strange place you bodyglide?

Body glide under my arms, but I think a lot of girls do because of sports bras rubbing.

What are the two most played songs on your ipod?

Most played at the moment (I change IPOD list monthly) are Sweetest Thing by Clear Conscious and No Other Love by Common Kings.

What do you crave when you are bonking?

I crave spam musubi, jamba juice, burgers, honey and almond butter sandwhiches, pineapple, and papaya at all times of the race.

How many #2's pre-race?

At least one.

What is an obscure website you visit?

Its not obscure but I frequent pro surfers websites, a lot, too much maybe.

What's in your special needs bag?

No special needs bag for me.

Team Macca or Team Crowie?

Team Macca.

What's your ride?

I ride Swift Carbon.

*Bree taking the W at Ironman Louisville last weekend is probably the closest feeling I'll ever have to winning an ironman, I wanted it soooo badly for her. You can read about her struggle this season in her own words by following her blog (, but being privy to this info I think made me want it all the more-so for her. I like me a good comeback story.


Teresa said...

Awe!! Gotta love her!!! (and you too!) Congrats to both of you!

Jennifer Harrison said...

Yay on BREE's win!! :)

JC said...