Saturday, June 18, 2011

10 Questions with Beth Shutt

Sports Background before triathlons?

I grew up as a runner. Lord knows I don't have enough eye-hand coordination to play any other sports! I ran cross country and track in high school and then for Penn State University. I was by no means a superstar but I absolutely adored running growing up and in many ways it has shaped my life. I think running will always be my first love!

Pre-race ritual?

I have a pre-race happy dance that I do every race morning! Luckily though, only my husband gets to see it because I usually do my happy dance in the hotel before we leave for transition. :)

Strange place you bodyglide?

Just the normal places. Ankles, wrists, neck (and everywhere else in between).

What are the two most played songs on your ipod?

Right now I'd say they are Manifesto (by The City Harmonic) and The Greatness of Our God (by Hillsong). At Eagleman I had The Greatness of Our God song stuck in my mind for the entire race. I sang the chorus over and over and over again in my head. Not a bad thing at all but by the end of the day I was ready for a new song! :) Hillsong is one of my all time favorite groups and they are actually coming to Pittsburgh in August!!!!!! (they are from Australia and don't tour in the US often)

What do you crave when you are bonking?

Usually something really salty. Like Fritos. But then again I've been known to dream of ice cream Snickers bars on long, hot rides too... :)

How many #2's pre-race?

At least 2! (or there is trouble...)

What is an obscure website you visit?

I visit pretty much every day. It's not obscure to those runners out there but triathletes from a non-running background might not know it. It's how I keep up on all the running news!

What's in your special needs bag?

Well last year I did my first IM and I was utterly overwhelmed at the concept of special needs bags. I had no idea what to put in them! So I put one of everything extra (gels, salt, PowerBars, flat fixing materials in the bike bag, etc...). I never took the bike special needs bag but I did take the run one. Mostly because I was moving so slowly through the energy lab that at that point, the special needs bag seemed like something fun to do. :)

Team Macca or Team Crowie?

I was always a Team Crowie member because I really admire the fact that he just gets the job done. Not a lot of talk or bravado, just solid results year in and year out. But then I read Macca's book and realized that perhaps I had some misconceptions about him. I have a lot of respect for Macca and what he does for our sport and also for his passion. Can I be a member of both teams?

What's your ride?

Cervelo P3 with Sram components. I don't know a lot about bikes and all their parts but here is a picture of it! :)

*Simply put, Beth rocks! She recently won her age-group at Eagleman 70.3, finishing 10th woman overall, pros included, and earned her slot to both Worlds 70.3 and Kona. But more importantly, she is a damn good person!


OJS said...

Beth is always too humble to mention her intramural softball championship at Penn State where she stood out in right field (hoping no balls got hit to her) and had swinging bunts every time she went to hit.....okay I guess that does prove her deficiencies in hand-eye coordination. At least she's got this swim-bike-run thing for her (and pre-race dance).

Molly said...

Beth rocks!!!

GoBigGreen said...

Yes! Beth's fan club needs a website of it's own:)

Libby said...

yea beth!!!! julia- I'm all about a beth fan club website :)

Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

Congrats Beth!

And thank you Kiet for introducing me to so many cool (and speedy) people!

D said...

Are you allowed to say "damn" when referring to Beth?

Kim said...

GREAT interview and she is a stellar individual and an amazing athlete! Nice!

Jennifer Harrison said...

SO glad you interviewed Beth, Kiet!!!! Great !!!

martin muldoon said...

top girl!

Charisa said...

Great girl to watch!