Sunday, April 3, 2011

10 Questions with James Walsh

Sports Background before triathlons?

Baseball, surfing, snowboarding, skateboarding. I didn't start any endurance sports until 2006.

Pre-race ritual?

coffee and bathroom FIRST thing in the morning. other than that just trying to laugh and stay relaxed. not taking myself too seriously.

Strange place you bodyglide?

anywhere and every where... but I prefer this: for the "special areas"!

What are the two most played songs on your ipod?

recently. rise against - satellite & Tinie Tempah - written in the stars

What do you crave when you are bonking?

bonking... what's that? haha... usually a big bag of kettle chips.

How many #2's pre-race?

hopefully one and done!

What is an obscure website you visit?

not really obsure but i spend quite a bit of time browsing &

What's in your special needs bag?

still figuring that out... never had a special needs bag.

Team Macca or Team Crowie?

Macca for sure. I love his confidence and what he brings to the sport... he makes it a sport.

What's your ride (pic would be cool)?

Specialized Shiv. Love it!

*James recently won his age-group, placed 5th amateur overall, and 35th including the pro's at California 70.3. You can follow him on his website:


Teresa said...

Gotta love team Walsh!!

Beth said...

Love your interviews!! This is a timely once seeing as how James just crushed it in Oceanside. :)

Oh and you DEFINITELY have to do that swim workout! You'll love it and crush it all the same! :)