Sunday, March 16, 2008


When you're getting back into shape, the first week usually goes pretty well. Your legs feel fresh and every workout is pretty good, so you start to think, "hey, I'm not that out of shape and this just might be my breakout season."  The second week, the miles start to take their toll on your out of shape body and you have two to three bad workouts where you just feel heavy and struggle to finish. And then the third week comes and you definitely know you are out of shape. Every workout sucks, you feel like you're over 300 lbs when you run, and your attitude isn't so great.  I'm in that third week right now.  I pretty much feel bad during every workout and each time I work out, I tell myself that maybe I need a day off and that I might be overtrained.  This is when it helps to have a coach because the coach would tell me that I am definitely  not overtrained, that I don't need a day off, and that I just need to train tired until I get back into shape.  I had plans to do a 12k running race but after yesterday's 70 minute run where I could barely hold 7:30 pace and my stride felt like it was 2 inches long, I knew I would not be racing today.  Instead, I just did 3600 yards of swimming and though the workout didn't suck, it wasn't great either.  I'm now procastinating and am already 15 minutes behind schedule on my brick workout. I'm sitting here listening to the wind howl and the trees blow and scratch against my window and know it's going to be a slow ride with all that wind.  Well, it's time for me to be tired sitting on a bike rather than on a couch and the run afterwards is just going to be lovely.

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