Sunday, March 30, 2008

I think I need to change my website name to as I flaked yet on another race. No XTERRA race for me today, I had too many reasons not to race including:  I didn't want to pay the entry fee, I didn't want to ride a mt. bike, I didn't want to get up at 4 am and so on.  Like I said,  I had too many reasons not to race.  Soon after my last posting, I took two days completely off because I just didn't really feel like training.  Since then, I've been pretty consistent even putting in some solid hard effort training days, including a 75 mike bike and 3 mile run brick yesterday.  I swam long course today and did 2000 meters worth of pulling which got my shoulders nice and tight and feeling strong.  No regret not racing today.  In fact, I'm thinking that I'm going to focus on eco-friendly, carbon neutral races this season.  Recently, a group of eco-friendly race organizers announced 8 races that will attempt to reduce, reuse, and be more carbon neutral.  I plan to do two of these races:  The Boulder Peak Triathlon and The San Francisco Triathlon.

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