Thursday, May 15, 2008

Not In Baby Jogger Shape

There's training shape, racing shape, and since my race with my niece two weeks ago, I'm reminded everyday that there is a third shape, baby jogger shape; and I was not in such shape. Since pushing my niece to the win two weeks ago, my back and left sciatic have been so tight that every time I bend over, I do so like a 95 year-old man.  I originally said 75 year-old but realized that nowadays, there are seniors that age finishing ironmans in under 16 hours. I did feel a tightness in my sciatic while cresting a hill during the race but simply shrugged it off as race effort ache.  The tightness was present in varying degrees for the rest of the race and the day.  To make the situation worse, I decided to take both Avery and Collin in the double baby jogger for a 3 mile run shortly after the race.  The run ended up  being much more hilly than I thought, but once I was out, I had no choice but to push them back and the sciatic and back was definitely acting up.  Like most injuries, I'm most tight when I'm not training.  Once I get warmed up from training, both the back and the sciatic loosen up to a level that I can sustain anywhere in between 20-50 minutes of training.  It's put a hamper on my running and cycling, which I had hoped to ramp up in this current training block. The good news is that I'm focusing more on the swim and maybe I will have a good swim in the Zoot Zenith next time around.  I haven't been able to run more than 50 minutes with  my runs averaging around the 25 minute zone.  I haven't been on the bike outdoors in two weeks but am hoping to get a long ride in this weekend.  Baby jogger shape, who knew. Good thing I was conservative and didn't race the double baby  jogger with both Avery and Collin.

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