Thursday, May 29, 2008

Still Steady

After about 4 weeks of skipping out on my Tuesday tempo run, I started back up yesterday with a treat running in Golden Gate Park, my old stomping ground.  I did a 50 minute run gradually building to a 3 mile tempo where I averaged 5:54 miles, my fastest average this season.  I have a new mentality when it comes to speed work this season:  It should be hard but not too hard.  I used to beat myself up at every speed work, so much that I would always dread the next workout.  Since then, I've learned that speed work is about speed and not pain/dread.  I could have run harder during the tempo yesterday and made it hurt more but why?  I was averaging faster than what I've done all season and why not finish this workout in good spirit and not have to dip in the "hurt days" reserve, I can save those days for racing.  And, I won't be dreading the tempo run next Tuesday.   Then it was off for a short swim and to see the new Indiana Jones movie.  Lucas and Spielberg kept the same formula so it made for a nostalgic experience.  And they cracked the door open for the next replacement of Harrison Ford.  After two weeks of riding indoors on the trainer, hoping to get outdoors this weekend.  Not sure what I have coming up in the way of races but I'm 99% sure that I will no longer be doing the San Diego International Triathlon.

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