Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Triathlon Moments

We're having a bit of a heat wave here and I was glad that I did my brick workout early this morning.  It was 45 minutes on the trainer mostly doing single leg drills and isolations and off the bike for my 5K run.  The legs felt heavy and I didn't feel speedy but my legs felt strong, in other words, I was tired but I felt like I could muscle through the tiredness and wound up running it in 20:18 for a 6:32 pace, not great but not bad either considering I didn't even want to get up and do the workout.  The heat made me sluggish throughout the day and when it came time to do yoga, I just wasn't up for a hot room and skipped out.  But my main reason for posting has nothing to do with training.  I have some quotes to share, the first being from Tyler Stewart: "Triathlon is such a selfish sport if you think about it. We spend so much time away from our families and non-racing friends--hours and hours doing things just for ourselves."  Wuuurd.  I came to a similar conclusion three years ago and thus, the birth of racingawareness.org.  It's a nice perspective to hold on to so that we don't get caught up in our egocentric world.  Tyler is racing to raise money through the Janus Charity Fund for her stepfather who is battling lung cancer. Her website link is under the "Athletes" section of my website.  Second quote comes from two-time cancer survivor Amanda Balding:  "Many people ask me if I have what it takes to make it.  I may not have won my age group at Hawaii before turning pro...I choose to take this opportunity and get my license because I know what it is like to beg for your life.  Beg that if you are given one more chance you will not hesitate.  You will not let fear overcome you.  You will do anything to have the chance to let go of everything you are meant to acquire in life...your house, job, family, stability. You promise that if given one more chance at life you will never let other people measure your success.  Other's opinions will never again hold you back for living your dream."  No further explanation required.  And finally, I just found this picture from the recent ITU World championships in Vancouver, good stuff.

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