Monday, July 14, 2008

A Higher Hand At Work

Well, looks like a force beyond my control did not really want me to race as the Donner Lake triathlon was canceled due to poor air quality caused by all the forest fires.  I have no control over that so I just let it go as soon as I heard about the cancelation.  No playing the what if games, I just took a rest day on Friday and on Saturday, I rode 60 miles with over 3000' of climbing and did a 5.5 mile run off the bike on the treadmill.  This ride always kicks my butt but in a good way and I managed to do the entire ride with no salt confirming my theory that my salt dependency is linked to my fitness. The more fit I am the less salt I need.  Three months ago, I would have taken 3-4 salt tablets on this ride.  I've also come to realize that 7 minute pace on a treadmill feels like 6 minute pace on the road and that warming up is key to get your legs accustomed to the treadmill and the turnover.  I ended up starting at 8 minute pace and worked down to 7 minute pace for the first half mile and then held this to the 3 mile mark where I dropped to 6:40 pace for a mile and then started alternating 1 minute at 6 minute pace and 1 minute at 7 minute pace until I reach 5 miles and then warmed down.  Sunday was a 2 hour run with my friend Chris who is training for his first ultra.  I wouldn't recommend jumping from your longest run being 90 minutes done once straight to a 2 hour hilly trail run.  Being the social trainer that I am, I just do other people's training program just to catch up and chat a bit.  I mean I have no ironmans or races really on the schedule and I'm doing 98 mile rides, bricks twice a week, 2 hour runs, and track workouts just because I want to be social.  During my track workout last Wednesday, all the guys were talking about winning this, qualifying for that, getting a PR here and training to fulfill such lofty goals.  It was then the question was turned to me as to why I was out there.  I said this is my definition of fun this year.  Some people go to happy hour, I meet my buddies on the track and we knock out a great set of 10 x 600's.  Training is my lifestyle and regardless if I race or not, I will always train because like my work, my family, my friends, training is a part of my life.  And who saids I'm not racing every time I go out there and mash it up with the big boys?

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