Friday, November 21, 2008

Keeping Up with the Jones-ezz

It seems that I'm always trying to keep up with others. Whether it be trying to stay up with the fast guys during a masters swim workout or chasing my teammates around the track, my life is about catching up. I don't have cable TV so I'm even trying to catch up on shows like Entourage and True Blood. And then there's catching up on my reading, my fashion sense, my politics, pop culture, I could go on. Since I've started blogging, I feel a pressure to keep up with my fellow bloggers. There are several blogs that I follow and I'm always impressed by the frequency of their posts. My life just doesn't seem to be that newsworthy. I'm considering picking random fights with friends, going to the ghetto part of Oakland wearing my grill and all my bling, or attending a Mormon church service wearing daisy dukes, a belly shirt or tube top, and carrying a "No on Hate, No on 8" sign. Now that would be drama and newsworthy. Until then, all I have to report is that I finally figured out the running on the treadmill thing. Yesterday, I did an 8 mile workout on the treadmill broken down by 3.5 mile warm-up, 4 x 1 mile at 6:00 pace with 90 seconds recovery, and then a 1 mile warm down. I can hold 5:20+ miles on a track but when it comes to the treadmill, I just finally figured out how to run 6 minute pace. For each mile, I realized the first minute or so is toughest but once your turnover gets going, you're OK. Also, it's more taxing on your muscles than your heart. I'm looking forward to the 4-5 mile tempo run I have planned next week when I work my way down to 2 miles at 6 minute pace. Tentatively on the books is the North Face Half Marathon on December 7 (I was originally planning to do a 50K) and then the Tucson Rock 'n Roll Marathon in January. This blog entry is dedicated to Rachel Ross, check out a link to her blog on the sidebar under Further Browsing. Until I started reading Rachel's blog, I never really put any thought or much creativity into my posts. Well, she raised the standard and set the bar for my posts so I'm starting to put a bit more effort into each one. And as for keeping up with the Jones-ezz, I thought I would catch you all up on some pop culture. This is Justin Timberlake and Beyonce doing a parody on SNL of her single Single Ladies which has been parodied a lot on YouTube. And yes, I know I still haven't written a race report for my last two races.

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rr said...

Thanks for the shout out, Kiet:) I vote for the No on 8/tube top combo at the Oakland Temple off the 13 up there.. that is serious blog material!

Hey, I think I could hang with the treadmill workout.. but no way on the track! I am slower on the dumb dreadmill too, dunno what's up with that. Happy training!