Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Mission Accomplished...Sort Of

Since January, I've set my alarm clock over a dozen times to wake up at 6:00 AM to train, and it was only until last week that I finally succeeded. It took me three months of trying but I finally woke up to swim at 6:15 AM. How times have changed. Five years ago, I was waking up at 5:30 AM at least 4 days a week to ride the trainer, swim, or do mile repeats...yes, I said mile repeats. Three years ago, that 5:30 AM wake-up only occurred once or twice a week. Now, I'm averaging a 6:00 AM wake-up once every three months. I don't think this post is going to garner me any sponsors. As I've aged, I find myself overly practical. These days, almost everything carries more weight than training: sleep, hanging with the nieces and nephews, blogging, you get the idea. I've even come to convince myself that training is unhealthy, go ahead, read this, I dare you. Well, after my breakthrough last week, I managed to fail this week and slept through my first 6:00 AM wake-up call. I'm giving it another shot tomorrow morning. But I am training and starting to feel fit again. My team had a training camp in Napa this past weekend and I went from my longest ride being 35 miles (done once) to riding 77 miles. Needless to say I totally bonked. A bike bonk is such a unique feeling, nothing else compares to it. By the way, if you ever bonk on the bike, push the big gears and spin at a low low cadence. You'll slowly come back to life. It's very counterintuitive and no matter how often I give this advice, very few actually follow it. Trust me, it works. I learned it from my friend who learned this from Brett Sutton (Team TBB coach) when he trained with him in 1995. After being dropped by the A group at mile 30, I was then dropped by the B group at mile 37, and then I was all by my lonesome in no man's land between the B group and the C group for the next 40 miles. Off the bike, I ran 4 miles at 7:30 pace and surprisingly felt good. The next day was a 20 mile ride with about 3600' of climbing and a 6.5 mile run at 7:28 pace off the bike. And just like that, I'm feeling fit. The advantage to being in this sport for 19 years is that you really do have a huge base...forever. I'll be sitting in the dark between 8:30-9:30 PM on Saturday; if you've been thinking of calling to catch up, now would be a good time.


D said...

All I know about 6am is that I'm still sleeping at that time, and this is non-negotiable. Well, I would be willing to negotiate with the "right" person ;)

BreeWee said...

Keit!! I see you have your first ART on TUES (read it on Charisas page)... DON't be scared, they are so incredible... you will come out stronger and better!!

Keep it up dude, happy training! AND yep, so stoked for Charisa about the Kona slot!!