Monday, April 27, 2009

Turning 38

I'm turning 38 this week and for the past 7 days, my body is reminding me that I'm getting older. Since last Monday, I've been damn tired. It's been all about what I could not do versus what I could do. I could not hold 1:15 pace for my swim workouts all last week. I could not average faster than 7:30 pace for my 9 mile treadmill run. I could not wake up and get myself out of bed to do two of my planned workouts. This past Saturday, I went out and did the Pat Tillman run (4.2 miles) with my sister, a tradition of sorts for us. I was using the race as my first speed work in preparation for Wildflower this coming weekend. I felt my new age and could not hold anything faster than a 5:55 pace. It was a disappointing race but a good training day as I've not done any run averaging faster than 6:00 pace. Also, I was looking forward to running the last 50 yards with my 3 year-old niece but a volunteer jumped out, stopped us, and said no because she was not a registered runner. To add insult to injury, they allowed dogs to run and finish with their owners. All I can say is a huge WTF?!?! I can't finish with my 3 year-old niece but I can with my dog? If you're really bored and have lots of free time, do me a favor and write a strong-worded letter to the race director at the Pat Tillman run. Back to being tired and old, what this means is that I'll be out there longer than I thought come Sunday's race. But rather than resting, I went out and did a hilly 50 mile ride after the run. On Sunday, I got my @$$ handed to me by 19 year-old Josh (boy smiling in the pic) during a 4000 yard swim workout. Then I bonked during a 2-hour ride (and no, it wasn't hilly, or windy, or hot) and then I got my @$$ handed to me (what's left of it) again by Ashley (girl in the cool shades in the pic) on the brick run afterwards. Ashley dropped me at about the 4.5 mile mark of a 10K run, pushing 5:45 pace. I miss being young, speedy, and a bit stupider.


D said...

38? DAMN you're old.

And by the way, I'm taking exception to the fact that I'm not on your "Further Browsing" list. What? Am I too young for you?

Charisa said...

REST! And you will ROCK WF!! Happy Birthday!!! When you finish WF look for me (I'll be behind you) :)

IAN said...

If I could get on the damn results page for WF I would check to see how you did, but I can't. So I ask "How was it?"

I worked the aid station at mile 2 (dumping water on heads). I am pretty sure I saw you.

Eileen Swanson said...

You still kick ass! Great seeing you too...Shhh on all the gossip ;-))