Sunday, December 13, 2009

Getting the Heart Rate Up

Well, it's the off-season so I'm trying different ways to get my heart rate up. I have a fear of heights. When I'm up in a high place, I always have the urge to jump, go figure. I rarely get to do things other than swim, bike, and run during the season so it's nice to be able to do different activities. I've been telling my friend Nicolas, who puts on all these awesome trips from caving, kayaking, backpacking to rockclimbing, that I would go on one of his trips. Well, two years later and I'm doing my first trip. It's been raining all week here (love it, I'm from Humboldt) so some indoor climbing was perfect. Let's talk more about me, it's been close to three weeks since I've posted. I've been trying to do two days of swimming, biking, and running per week in the off-season. Swims are long and slow, like straight 2000's. Biking is one day on the trainer and one day outdoors and more of a social ride. Since I'm only running twice per week, I have lots of time to recover. Thus, every run is a hammerfest in hopes of finding my running speed again. This glute/hamstring injury thing is going on two years now, but it's getting better. I actually feel like I have some of my faster turnover from my pre-injury days. Today was an 8.5 miler done at 6:30 pace, something I never was able to do during this past season. December will be trying to do three days of each per week and January will be four days of each per week. Then it's off to a Kona training camp with Bree in early February. I'm hoping that she's gonna hammer me into the ground with training. After faking my way through four previous ironmans, I really want to train right for this one.


Charisa said...

I started laughing when you said you were afraid of heights and everytime you get up high you want to jump. Most people cling in fear of falling :) Enjoy the off-season!

GoHHGo said...

Mr. Tran!

Wow it's been a LONG time!

It's great to see you're still hammering away at the multi-sport lifestyle. And clearly you can hammer - 8.5 mile at 6:30 pace - case and point!

Thanks for dropping me a note on my blog. I'm pretty new to this but am excited nonetheless.

Let's hope to run into one another at triathlon before too long! Take care.