Friday, February 5, 2010

Day 4: Fatigue is Setting In

Dear Facebook friends, I won't be offended if you hit that "hide" button to stop receiving updates from me. De-friend me and that's downright wrong. When you don't have a job, you have time for other things. I had an awesome ride on the Queen K out to Puako with Bree on Wednesday. It's so nice to train with a local because you get the inside scoop on everything, like this tucked away general store. Later that night, I did a workout with Kona Aquatics, and then Bree took me to a health food store to get some essentials: coconut flakes and carob nibs, I've had two great runs on Alii Drive now including a good tempo session with Bree on Thursday. We followed that run up with a 1.2 mile swim in the pier, I'll bring my camera next time. Thursday night, I was invited to a pizza making dinner party in an awesome house up in the hills overlooking the ocean. Best of show was a cheese pizza topped off with a caesar salad, very unique and tasty. A close second was the bruschetta pizza. I started today with a 6:00 AM yoga class taught by Brooke, Bree's sister. Brooke is 8 months pregnant and she did almost every yoga pose with us, pretty impressive stuff. On the books was the same 68 mile ride to Puako but this time, I had to do 20 miles at ironman+ race pace, and 2 x 10 miles at half ironman+ race pace. I was starting to feel the week of training. I heard a coach once say that if you think you are overtrained, you are actually undertrained and out of shape; and I've been sticking with this philosophy. If I think I'm overtrained, I shut out the thoughts and focus on the workout schedule. If I fall short of hitting my numbers, so be it, skipping the workout is not an option. This philosophy seems to be working so I just keep quieting my mind and do the workouts. Madam Pele has been very good to me as the weather here has been really mild. It's not too hot and not too windy. In fact, it felt a bit chilly today. I've heard so many horror stories about the wind on the Queen K, but I learned today that if the wind is with you, you can average 19.5 miles for a 68 mile ride. Tomorrow is a 15 mile run followed by a pier swim, and Sunday is a five hour ride, and I'm hoping to add on and break a hundo for the first time this season. And Ian Moller, this last pic is for you. Enough about me, how are things at home? :o)

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BreeWee said...

ha ha that video is hilarious, so happy you are enjoying and embracing the island!