Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Day 95: By Land, By Sea, By AIR

When in Queenstown, do Queenstown, and that means adventure. The main drag in town is a smorgasbord of adrenaline salesmen trying to sell you on: bungee jumping, paragliding, river rafting, jet boating, mt. biking, and my personal choice, skydiving. The video describes my experience quite well. Queenstown is a mountain resort, and it has a vibe similar to Whistler and Aspen, but times two. If I had to choose a soundtrack for my New Zealand trip thus far, it would have to be Best of the 80's. They love their 80's music here, I'm so nostalgic for my high school days (I'm listening to WHAM! as I write this). After spending two days here, I am now off to a place slightly less commercial for an ironman scouting trip: Lake Wanaka. Oh, forgot to mention the Brisbane International Airport won my award for the airport I would most like to throw a cocktail and dinner party.On the training front, things have been quite sporadic and slow. My "holiday" state of mind is lingering and I've only done the occasional swim and run. I've been off the bike for almost one month now. I had planned to run more during this trip but I didn't plan so well for the cold here. The weather usually hovers around 10-14°C here, and well, I only packed shorts and tank tops as running apparel. Since February, I've been wearing nothing more than boardies; and my friend Maggie (who lives here and has been following my trip) advised me before I came, "You're going to have to cover your nipples with the weather out here." I didn't think I would have have to cover them that much. The pics below are from my trail run in Dunedin with Daniel, Maggie's partner.