Thursday, July 29, 2010

Pentultimate Day

The day started with a bit of bike love. The Austrian Peter taught me how to clean my cog and chain so that it looks brand spankin' new. Then it was off to ClifBar headquarters to pick up some product and to try out their new and improved gels. My friend Chris works at ClifBar and from time to time, he rings what I call the ClifBar bat phone, signaling me to come and try a new product. Chris was my training partner from way back in the day, and he is a former pro triathlete. Because Chris is an athlete, he always puts a functional twist on all of the Clif products. The litter leash on the gels? Or how about the packaging of the Clif Bloks so that they are easily dispensable one at a time while on the bike. Chris thinks like an athlete and the results are obvious. This time around, Chris wanted to improve on their gels. He knew it could be better tasting and after trying the chocolate flavor in the office, I say he pulled it off. All I can say is that I now consider a Clif gel a dessert. The timing could not have been better and I'm looking forward to using them on the ironman course this Saturday. The new gels will be released soon so give it a try and let me know your thoughts.

The rest of the day included a haircut, a visit to the bike shop, a short ride, a run, and a swim. I was really looking forward to the pentultimate day because on this day, you are supposed to eat anything and everything you see and want. Yes, that means burgers, fries, milkshakes...times two if you want. I had plans to eat...and to eat a lot. But I made the rookie mistake of leaving too many things to do until today. Thus, I was running all over and I left little to no time to actually eat. I found myself hungry throughout the day, not good. But by day's end, I did sit down for my burger, fries, and ice cream. And yes, I'm eating meat again (another blog post). Don't make my rookie mistake, and disperse your "to do's" throughout the week rather than all in one day.


Charisa said...

Your fries look a little skinny. I bet that mocha gel is awesome. Race hard, have fun. Make sure you have a good story when you're done :)

Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

Those gels look yummy! So does the burger and fries (where did you get those?)

You're going to so rock this race!! See you out there (if I'm so lucky).

GoHHGo said...

Good luck on Saturday Kiet! I'll be sending you all the positive energy I have that day!

Teresa said...

um...yum!!! Go get 'em!!!!! tn