Sunday, September 26, 2010

Off-Season Goals

1. Become a runner again. Every week, I watch the above video for inspiration and to keep in mind, the possibilities. Low mileage in the off-season means more recovery time for speed work. Heeeeellooo 10K's. Dynamic stretching.

2. Increase muscle mass and functional strength. My school weight room is like having a personal gym, thus, I avoid the embarrassment of fighting the women for the 15-lb dumbbells. I will also be taking my first TRX class in a couple of weeks-it helps that the TRX training center is right here in San Francisco.

3. Increase flexibility. Getting old sucks. I constantly feel tight, especially my glutes and hamstring. Because of the constant tightness, my stride feels restrictive, and about two inches long. I need to start looking for a yoga class that actually does yoga (recall this story).

Oh yea, and make the Sunday morning farmer's market a priority over training.


Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

I'm totally with you on the strength and flexibility goals for the off-season! Keep on inspiring!

Beth said...

I love your last goal. :) Enjoy achieving your off-season goals! :)

Jill Costantino said...

YES - to strength and flexability - woohoo! I totally LOVE having weights at home. Is it because we are hmm, hmmm aging? Really? My feels like I'm 6! I will have to watch the video later because I'm at work right now! Sure you don't want to run a marathon the middle of Feb in Northern WA? I am canvasing training partners!

Teresa said...

This sounds like a perfect plan (all the way down to the farmers market).

Loved the video!!

Go Kiet!

Libby said...

lots of good dynamic stretching/warm up going on there. good stuff, love it. THAT is the kind of stretching stuff you really need. love it.
enjoy the farmer's market for me while I'm most likely somewhere on my bike!! I've never biked this much in my life!!

Tawnee Prazak said...

Total fun of #2! Hit it hard!