Monday, December 13, 2010

Splish Shout Out

I was putting my suit on for a swim yesterday and it dawned on me that I've had the suit since February. The suit looks and feels almost brand spankin' new. Any other lycra suit would be see-through and sagging off my butt, you know, like the suits you see on the 70 year-old men during rec lap swim. Splish is new to me and I just started buying their suits last year after being turned onto them by Bree. Since then, I've come to learn that the owner of Splish, Dawn, is a good friend of my best friend's wife. Connections aside, I'm giving Splish a shout out because simply put, after almost one year of 4-5 swims per week in both salt and chlorinated water, my Splish suit is holding up day-am well. My $35 is going a looooong way.

But if you order a suit from Splish, make sure it is the polyester PBT fabric. There are two fabric choices, polyester-lycra and polyester PBT. The polyester lycra is more like your traditional lycra swim suit, and doesn't last as long, but it does feel more stretchy and softer. The polyester PBT is damn durable, has less stretch and feels stiffer, thus making these suits run about one size smaller. It also has UV protection (+50). I just went to their site today and learned that they are having a holiday sale, unfortunately it ends at 11:59 PM tonight. But sign up for their enewsletter and you'll always be notified of their sales. Oh, I forgot to mention that you can custom design your own suits. Finally, you can have that unicorn swim suit. I love unicorns.


Michelle Simmons said...

Yes! I've got a whole drawer full of these... love them! Though I must say, if you have a suit that still looks new 11 months later, it's really just a sign that you don't swim enough. ;)

Libby said...

I need new suits bad too. need to check them out. thanks for the visual on the old lap swimmers- point taken :)

Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

Thanks for the sizing tip! I've been wanting to try these suits - mostly because all my friends have cool ones and I'm a follower :-) By the way, I got into Alcatraz. Now what do I do?

Teresa said...

Not sure we could ever get Webb in one of those :) ha!

You sport it well though!