Thursday, March 31, 2011

What I Learned from Project Runway

I often watch movies or TV shows when I'm on the trainer. If it's a hard session, I need to watch something low on plot and high on visuals. Though there is something to watch, I often find myself riding with my head down, especially during the hard effort intervals. And if I'm watching, I'm not really paying close attention as I'm focusing on recovery for the next hard interval. I was watching an episode of Project Runway the other day during a session and I did take notice of something. A designer got eliminated and he was sobbing, repeatedly saying that he gave up so much to pursue this dream. He was crying because he didn't want to go back home to his family and friends because he had failed. There was so much regret in his tone, regret in taking a risk to pursue his dream...because he had failed. And as I sat on the trainer, all I could think was a quote that goes something like:

The best feeling in the world is to take a risk and win.
The second best feeling in the world is to take a risk and lose.

Simply put, get off your arse and put yourself out there. There's no way you're going to get anywhere near your dream if you don't even take a risk and try. Who knew Project Runway would be so relevant to my triathlon training.

This time last year, I was in Port Macquarie about to race Ironman Australia. I thought I would relive this moment with a video of myself, Jason, and Luke riding the bike course the day before. Jason went on to finish in 9:40 something and just missed his Kona slot by 30 seconds or so, and I think Luke in his first ironman, finished in 9:20 something...simply amazing.


Beth said...

I love your videos!! :)

I think one of the things that inspires me most about athletes - no matter how fast or slow - is how each time we set foot on a start line, we really put ourselves out there. Not an easy thing to do but the only way to LIVE!!! As always, I appreciate your insight Kiet!

Libby said...

like :)
and LOVE that you have a tag for project runway on your blog. exactly why I read it.
you are getting the travel bug no?

Michelle Simmons said...

Cool video! Impressive to be able to record that while you're riding, especially given that you are on the left side of the road!

jameson said...

totally agree... you can't be afraid to try if you want to great things... it's not always going to work out...

Kim said...

I am a fan of this post.. a big freakin fan. I can't wait to race Kiet! It's coming!! Soon!! I also can't wait to see you race!!