Thursday, May 12, 2011


I've been a self-coached athlete for the past 16 years, and it has worked out well because I didn't have too lofty of goals. I'm now thinking my goal of breaking a 10-hour ironman and/or earning a Kona slot is/are quite lofty. I still want to coach myself, but right now, I could use some feedback. As I stated in my last post, I feel like I'm doing the homework but I'm still failing the test. Well, it dawned on me that maybe I'm not doing the right homework problems. Or maybe I'm doing too much homework, and not taking enough down-time to absorb the information. Okay, no more speaking in metaphors. My gut instinct tells me I'm just having a case of bad luck, and to soldier on with my plan. However, I've had several teammates tell me I'm training too much, and after a couple of rounds of this, I'm starting to vacillate. I need feedback. There are so many of you training for ironmans(men?), how this does compare to your training? The pictures are of my final build-up and taper for IM CDA. Thoughts? Don't worry, I will take all feedback with a grain of salt.


Beth said...

Well I'm in no position to answer such questions because I have no idea the answers - that is why I need a coach! :-) Still though, I think beyond the info you provided, it would be important to know how much sleep you are able to get with that type of load... Are you recovering such that you can perform relatively well during the key sessions... etc... Because it's only "too much" training if you aren't able to absorb the work right?

Michelle Simmons said...

It's hard to judge this b/c the calendar doesn't tell us much about your intensity during each of these workouts and how you're feeling mentally and physically before during and after each... I don't have all mine planned out- I think coach has a rough estimate of what he would like me to be able to do but every day is literally determined by how I have responded to the day before... so all I would say is that if you are listening to your body and your gut instincts and doing what is best for you each day, then you're on the right track. Don't get bogged down in total volume or anything like that- be ready for your key days and nail those and otherwise focus on consistency and increasing recovery day to day.

Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

I wish I could offer some wise words but I'm so not on your level. And you know to listen to your body which is the one thing I really try to do.