Friday, May 27, 2011

Open Water Swimming

I wasn't too happy with the swim times in my last two races. The slow time in the first race was understandable: I didn't do the required intensity. But in between the first and second race, not only did I do more yardage, but I did more intensity, only to be disappointed again because of a slow time. I think the slow time was a result of poor swimming rather than slow swimming. I didn't site often enough and I didn't pay enough attention to try to swim the smartest/shortest line. I swam fast, it's just I swam fast over a longer distance, thus resulting in slower time. Also, I did not have the good fortune of having feet to draft, instead, I pulled a pack of swimmers the entire time. Open water is tricky that way. A fast swim time is rarely produced from speed alone, but rather a combination of speed, proper sighting to take the best/shortest line, getting a good draft, and water conditions. I have no control over water conditions, but I certainly will be more diligent about proper sighting, and finding a good draft in my next race. And I can't wait to get more open water swimming practice when I'm in Kona in July, because to get fast in the open water, you really have to swim in the open water (something I don't do here in the 50° water of the SF Bay).


Jill Costantino said...

Suck it up Princess - get into that SF Bay water! lol! Envious of Kona in July not only because you are going to KONA but you get to play with Bree too:)
P.S. I swam around the Seawall today - not really, it's just raining THAT hard and THAT much here!

Libby said...

envious of your kona trip. you should come in october ;) agreed on the swimming not just about fitness- I think 75% of it is the line you pick!

Teresa said...

Come to Kona now!! I'll give you some feet to swim off...well, then again...maybe not....I can chase you and make you swim faster that way! You've got it in you and know what to do! Go execute!!


Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

Come join me in aquatic park!