Monday, July 11, 2011

Addressing the Issues

I've spent the weeks post IMCDA addressing some issues that will hopefully improve my chances of success at IM Canada. First up is cranks. Thanks to Frankie Kim, I've got some size 170 FSA carbon cranks, and this will hopefully resolve my bike maladies this season. A huge thanks also goes to my teammate David Condon for taking the time to put the cranks on my bike, and to his wife Maureen for sitting around and chatting while Dave did all the work. I'm really lucky to have good people in my life and I will do my best to pay it forward! I will post an update once I've been able to put some solid training time on the cranks.

Next is my saddle. I got a really bad case of saddle sore in the weeks leading up to IMCDA, and I was glad that I got some reprieve from the saddle during my taper. I'm testing a new saddle out and the initial ride felt good. I will ride it a couple of more times to make sure it really is a good fit.

And finally, I need to address my training, specifically training to run better off the bike. I think the shorter crank size will give me fresher legs for the run. I also plan to do a lot more of my runs in similar conditions as that of an ironman, that means more quality runs on tired legs or off the bike. And since I've often said ironman is about the journey and not the day, I want to make my training more fun. I want to look back on my training days and remember them as fun days rather than days about wattage, heart rate, cadence, or numbers. To ensure my training is fun, I'll be flying over to Kona to do some swimming, biking, and running with some of the most fun peeps in the world.

I also decided to address the issue of spending more time with my niece and nephew. After a train ride and playing in the park, we went for a swim. Then it was off to Santa Cruz to feed chickens, steal their eggs, pitch a tent, look through night vision goggles, and learn to pee in the outdoors. Hanging out with children is really good for the soul.


Beth said...

Sounds like you are taking care of business!!!! Awesome!! Can't wait to hear how the new cranks affect your riding/running. And also can't wait to hear about your HI training!! :)

mtanner said...

Love the video!

Charisa said...

We did have the same weekend!!! FUN :)

Libby said...

SUPER cute :) agreed about the kiddos, about having fun, about everything!! love it :)