Friday, July 29, 2011

My Favorite [Kona] Things

Unlike Oprah and her favorite things, I won't be able to give you anything other than some advice. Since arriving on the island Wednesday, training is going really swell. Superman is a mere mortal on his home planet of Krypton, but on earth, the sun gives him superpowers. I feel like Superman and Kona is my sun. I don't know why but I always train really well over here. I know some of you will be on the island in a couple of months, for reasons far more bigger than my little training camp. Thus, I've been documenting some of my favorite things:
• Hayashi's: It's not the best sushi I've had but it is damn cheap, best eaten post hard and long workout because it will taste a lot better, and it won't empty your wallet.• South Loop Ride: This was one of the first rides that Bree shared with me, and I still have fond memories of the painted church, picking mangos and avocados, and coming across a bunch of free lemons. It's nice to get off the Queen K and if you like climbing, this is the ride for you. Southern Kona is also very different scenery and a must see.• Island Naturals: I think I end up here at least once per day. The hot food and salad bar is great. It ain't cheap but if your philosophy is that your body is your temple, then you'll want to eat and shop here.• Kona Aquatics: Good people, good coach, good facility, and it's free (I think, I've never paid)! But if you swim a masters workout, Coach Steve does not do the paddle and buoy thing, so out of respect, save the equipment for when you swim on your own during rec hours.• Farmer's Market on Alii: Not everything is certified organic and it's geared toward tourists, but great if you are looking to pick up cheap papayas and mangos.• And finally, if you are lucky, anything from Bree's kitchen: I came over to borrow her car to do some shopping, and waiting for me was some homemade granola. This chica is so generous, and I'm so lucky to know her.


Michelle Simmons said...

Yay!!! I can't wait to come join you next week... :) Save some of that energy bc while I have not seen my schedule yet for Tues-Thurs, if it's anything like this past week it'll be ass kicking. And I'm so glad we'll end up at Island Naturals every day... I think I ate 90% of my food from that store last October!

mtanner said...

Love your list! Go get em- see ya in a few weeks!

Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

Jealous. Not surprisingly it's foggy here. Again.

Have a rocking good time! I know you will.

BreeWee said...

you are seriously home here....... you belong on this island (as you appreciate life here) more than so many that actually call it home! Happy your training is going so well!