Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Dear & Yonder

Last week, I had an itch to watch one of my favorite movies, Dear & Yonder. My friend Judy, now a world famous bodyboarder since the movie release, is one of the females profiled in the movie. I attended the premier screening two years ago, and it was from that experience that I was turned onto some, as Oprah would put it, "of my favorite things" (how did that get in my head?):

The movie has a great message, especially for young girls (I intend to turn both of my nieces onto this movie when they are age appropriate).

The soundtrack is simply OFF THE HOOK!

It was the longboarding scene in Noosa that inspired me to seek this place out on the Sunshine Coast when I was in Australia.

Thalia Surf Shop was raffling off prizes at the premier, and since then, this artistic and eclectic surf shop is a favorite of mine.

Artist Jeff Canham does a lot of the art work for the surf shop, and now he too is a favorite artist of mine.

I know there are only five days until Christmas, but just in case you are out of ideas for gifts...

And on a slightly related note, I want to give a shout out and say goodbye to a favorite surfer chic of mine, Libby Bergman. She's taking a break from blogging and her exit, like her, is a class act. Go read it. Thanks for all of the behind the scenes advice Libster. Onward and upward!


Libby said...

can I give you a hug via computer?!?! I may not be a blog writer (momentarily, I already had one I wanted to write, crap!) but I'm devoting more time to reading and less time to writing. can't wait to check out the movie. I haven't heard of that one. the trailer reminds me so much of liquid glass where the opening is this sick cat power song with a girl longboarding at sunrise. makes me cry everytime I watch it. love it.... love the art, can't wait to check out more!

Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

Merry Christmas Kiet!

Charisa said...

Love this. Merry Christmas!!

Jennifer Harrison said...

MERRY Christmas, Kiet !!!! Best wishes in 2012!