Monday, April 2, 2012

Training to Race, Part 2

I had no intentions of writing a part 2 but I had this blog post conceived and completed in my head by the end of my run last Friday, finding the time to post it took a bit longer. This past Friday, I once again had to go out and earn a PR the hard way. When the alarm sounded at 5:30 AM, both my body and my mind were slow in waking up. Unlike last time, the first couple of steps in the early morn didn't feel so great, and with those lackluster steps came the doubts. I thought to myself that if this was race day, I had two options: keep racing or quit. I pressed on hoping that maybe my body would come around, and if not the body, maybe my mind could will the body to come around. Though I didn't improve on the two STRAVA segments I had hoped to PR, my mile pace for the entire 7.5-mile run was 40 seconds faster than one month earlier. I reflected post run and came up with these lessons:

I'm ditching the feedback (mile splits, pace) if I'm not seeing good numbers. If I'm running as fast as I can AND still finish, then who cares what my speed is, I'm going as fast as I can. I actually learned this lesson last summer during the Kona training camp, allowing me to stop checking my mile splits after the second disappointing mile.

Take care of the details. The day prior, I skipped a meal and didn't really take care of my caloric needs. I also skipped my yoga class which is basically lubrication for my joints. Missing one might have been okay, but missing both proved detrimental. Next time I need to earn a PR the hard way, I'm taking care of the details.

Races are salvageable, I just need to be resourceful.

And finally, even though I may fall short of my outcome (time, placing) goal, I can always fall back on my performance (race gutsy, give it all I have on that day, empty the tank) goal.


Beth said...

Good lessons for us all! Thanks Kiet! :)

Teresa said...

Amen. Your right, it really is a 24 hour job to get to those PRs. Small details are really big details.

Great post!


JC said...

I LOVE the "race gutsy, give it all you have on the day and empty the tank"...I'm going to borrow that on my race day:)

Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

Lots of learning going on!