Monday, July 16, 2012


I don't spectate too many triathlons so yesterday, watching the Vineman 70.3 was an eye-opener in the following ways:

I can't believe how desolate it was at T2. The pros arrived to T2 to the (not-so) deafening cheer of uh, SIX other spectators.

Pros look and carry themselves in a way that really separate them from amateurs...or maybe I'm just being glammed.

Pros go FULL TILT! I'm sure they are pacing, but to hear and see their effort, you'd think they are going full tilt. I guess they are just pacing really really fast.

Everybody has an expensive bike!

Bek Keat will carry on a full conversation with me as she is transitioning in T2.

I think the difference between first and second place for the women's race was composure. Both women were up again pressure, MBK with a world champion chasing her down after T2, and Melissa having to chase MBK down for the win. But into T2, MBK was so poised and controlled compared to Mel who looked and sounded frantic. It was great to see the dichotomy and who would eventually prevail.

And the biggest eye-opener? Some pros are willing to go #2 in their suit to try and win a race. My friends, who had never spectated a triathlon, were aghast at what the triathletes were willing to put themselves through.


JC said...

I like that "they are pacing themselves really, really, fast". THAT'S IT, that's the secret - lol NOT! Looks like you had a blast. Great photos!

Teresa said...

I bet you were #1 spectathlete. You rock!

mmmonyka said...

Regarding pros doing #2 in their suits. I think that we need to understand that winning a race is not really about "winning" for them, they earn their living that way, therefore if crapping their pants stands between having a winner's paycheck or not having it, then well, it is understandable that they cannot afford to loose time using bathroom.

Libby said...

superstar---- friends with all the pros ;) awesome observations.