Friday, September 28, 2012

Run Attitude

When I first started racing triathlons, I was a poor cyclist, and I always looked forward to the run. I would get off the bike and try to chase down as many guys as I could, no matter how much it hurt. I am amazed at the level of hurt I could sustain on the run. I totally embraced it. When I watch strong runners like Craig Alexander, Kelly Williamson, and Mirinda Carfrae race, I totally see their willingness to suffer on the run to catch anyone and everyone. They too totally embrace it, knowing it's their weapon, and they gladly put themselves in the hurt box.

But as my cycling improved, my attitude toward the run somehow changed. I no longer attacked the run like I used to, and instead, I would run safe or tentative, trying to maintain my position, rather than working to improve my place. And I just couldn't dip as deep into the well. For some reason, almost every run I've done in the past two weeks, my thoughts go to this place.

My goal at last weekend's race was to take a step toward trying to change my current run attitude to more of what is used to be back in the day. I think I was successful for the first 2.5 miles, but after, I reverted back to my tentative, play-it-safe attitude. I couldn't sustain the "attack" attitude, but it was a step in the right direction. I signed up for a half-mary in a month's time, and my training will include taking more steps toward regaining my run attitude.

I'll leave you with a swim set that makes 1000 yards go by awfully fast. Swim a 1000 broken down as: 50 all out, 50 recovery, 100 fast, 100 moderate, 200 strong, 200 moderate, 100 fast, 100 moderate, 50 all out, 50 recovery. Pop your head up and site at each distance and get your splits. Pull one round and swim one round.

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Libby said...

love it. I hear you too. I think sometimes the more experience you have with the pain, the less willing you can be to put yourself back in that place. thats what amazes me so much about athletes like kelly and miranda. can't wait to see your progress on this goal-- oh and I love that swim workout, so going to do that right now!