Friday, November 30, 2012

Big Sexy Racing

Well, it's official, I'll be racing in a Big Sexy team kit this upcoming season. I had originally put my plans to race next season on hold pending some information that might alter my future athletic goals a bit (and yes, it has to do with the liver biopsy I just had done). But as I thought more about team Big Sexy Racing, it just seemed cool and it felt right. And those of you who follow me know that I follow my gut (that and signs from the Universe). as I thought more about it, I decided not to put life on hold, apply for the team since there was a deadline, and adjust if needed when I get more information. I figure that if it's meant to be, then I would be accepted. Well, I guess it was meant to be, but I must add that there was some human intervention. It's good to have friends in high places, you know who you are. ;) This is my tentative race schedule for 2013:

Feb. 3: Kaiser Permanente San Francisco Half Marathon

Apr. 20: Silicon Valley Long Course

May 4: Wildflower Long Course

June 24: San Diego International

July 14: REV3 Portland

July 21: Lake Stevens 70.3

Aug. 11: Santa Cruz International


Michelle Simmons said...

I am jealous! Something about that team looked interesting to me too... HAVE FUN!!!

Steve said...

Sounds like maybe there are some questions about health perhaps.

Take care Kiet. I like you. :)

Congrats on the acceptance to the team. I am sure you would be an asset to any team.

Best of luck with all of course. :)


Charisa said...

SD International - awesome!!!!