Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Lately, the word "float" pops in my head during every run. "Float" also happens to be the same word the speedy ultra runners used to describe to me how they run the downhills so fast. As I prepare for the Kaiser SF Half Marathon this weekend, when I catch myself straining, I remind myself to float, especially on the flats and the downhills. I tighten my core, relax my arms and shoulders, and let my legs whip around, keeping my footstrike light and fast. And remember the golden rule of running: "Don't run as hard as you can. Run as fast as you can without straining."


Charisa said...

My running coach used to always say "Run as fast as you can with the least amount of effort." Have a great race!!

JC said...

FLOAT - not where I am at. Great video on the previous post. BE FANTASTIC this weekend:)

Matt said...

Tear it up, Float on!