Thursday, July 18, 2013

A Wee Bit of Help

Howdy y'all, if you want to help a cool Big Island girl fulfill her dream of racing her home course as a pro, please give what you can to Bree Wee. She has a hard time asking for help when it comes to money stuff, but she has no problem giving what little money she has to others. I know this first-hand because I was on the receiving end when I trained with her on the B.I. As broke as she was, she would still treat me to lunches post training at Island Naturals, or she would buy the ingredients to make me things like granola and energy bars. She would chauffeur my ass everywhere on the B.I. to grocery shop, to and from swim practice, to the beach, and she let me use her truck to run errands, never asking for gas money. I know that there are people asking you for money to cure cancer, and compared to cancer, a dream of racing your home course seems frivolous. I know it is important to give to worthwhile causes like finding a cure for cancer, but I also think we should allocate some money just for fun and frivolity, and for helping dreams come true.

Bree is trying to make her dream of racing the Kona World Championships this year. She is chasing points to be one of 35 female pros who will tow the start line. In order to chase these points, she needs money to travel to the races. Any amount is a good amount. I tried to get her to open a PayPal account but she's old skool, so drop it in the mail to:

Bree Wee Po Box 1033 Kailua-Kona, HI 96745

If you are in the Bay Area, I can swing by and pick up your donation and mail it to her. I have a PayPal account so if you rather do it all electronically, just hit me up and we can arrange it. Mahalo!

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JC said...

Love love love this:) Super Chic and amazing friend!