Sunday, July 7, 2013


I'm feeling a lot more fit since coming back from my train-cation in SoCal. Today, I did a ride that usually gives me an idea of my fitness. I will admit to having a bit of a bad attitude toward getting fit for the second half of my season, going so far as to entertain the idea of just calling it quits for the year. Post illness, I've just had a hard time getting back into race shape. But by the conclusion of today's ride and run off the bike, I am feeling pretty fit, and more jazzed to race again. Right now, I am planning to race the Donner Lake 70.3 at the end of the month.

But back to the train-cation. I spent several days in San Clemente doing some easy rides, longs runs, and easy swims. Between workouts, I hit up some of my favorite places like Pedro's Tacos, Thalia Surf Shop and the Rainbow Sandals outlet. I was hoping to have more beach time, but unlike the rest of California which was experiencing a heat wave, San Clemente was under a bed of coastal fog. But the weather was still nice and warm. From San Clemente, I headed up to LA for an overnight stay at the Ritz-Carlton to see the Beyonce concert. I think the last time I went to a concert was Lollapalooza. I felt a bit out of place not only at the concert, but also at the Ritz. Do any of you just feel like a country bumpkin at these fancy hotels? I never know what to do or how to behave when they want to open doors for me, carry my luggage, or want to park my car. It just feels awkward. Also, I never know if I should tip, and if I do, how much. It just seems like you end up paying so much more money for things that you have no problem doing yourself. But it was nice just to walk across the street back to our hotel after the concert. I don't think I've ever bought any of Beyonce's music but I must say she gives a great live performance.

From LA it was off to Thousand Oaks to train with the Monicas, Tom and Maria. I trained with this couple when we all lived in SF from 1996-98. They convinced me to do my first ironman. Tom has since moved on to being a multiple world champion in his age-group at Xterra, and he started getting back into road triathlons this year. Maria was an age-group podium finisher in Hawaii, and she moved on to cycling races in the Pro, CAT 1 for awhile. We had a nice time catching up while riding our bikes up the mountains and along the coast, doing famous climbs like Latigo and Mulholland. The best part was that every training session concluded with a jump into the backyard pool. Making trips like this makes me realize how much I love the triathlon lifestyle. Oh, and if you are ever in Calabasas, check out the Pedalers Fork, it's a restaurant, a coffee shop, and a bike shop all in one place.

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