Sunday, June 29, 2008

Heat is Relative

I'm back home and glad to be surrounded by both the cool fog and Priuses galore.  As with the drive down, I used the drive back up to acclimate to possible hot weather racing.  I drove with the windows rolled up and only the fan blowing through the vents.  Once I hit the grapevine, it began to get really hot and I allowed myself to crack the rear windows and I basically held this for the remainder of the drive. You see, heat is relative.  If you have the AC on, then you become reliant on AC and your perception of hot is way off.  The next time you drive, keep the window rolled up and just the fan going and hold this for awhile.  Just as it starts to become a bit too uncomfortable, crack the windows. What you should feel then is cool air and you should be able to maintain this for the remainder of the ride, freeing yourself from AC dependency, saving gas, and the environment. Now, don't roll your window all the way down as that decreases your mileage and doesn't save on gas.  Doing this not only is more earth friendly but it just might help you race better in the heat.

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