Thursday, July 3, 2008

Liver Biopsy = 3 Days Mandatory Rest

The doctor said no intense exercise until Sunday and even then, no major hill climbing on the bike and only easy swimming and running.  Not the best timing as I'm coming off a solid three days of training and I'm signed up to do Donner Lake Triathlon next Sunday.  But I'm staying true to my theme this year of rolling with the punches and not stressing; so, I'll have more time to spend with the nieces and nephew.  Some funny stories prepping for my biopsy today:  the machine taking my pulse was beeping because my heart rate was 40 bpm and the nurse had to confirm that I was an endurance athlete so she could reset the machine; my doctor tugging on the waist of my pants and asking me if I'm starving myself because I'm too thin, and the doctor questioning my decision not to take a sedative and not to take pain killers after the biopsy.  I told her it's the triathlete mentality to practice pain threshold at any opportunity.  Coming home from San Diego, I was determined to keep up my training, especially my goal of making my swim sessions more intense.  On Monday, I did a 50 minute lactate threshold ride on the trainer working on cadence and held 95-105 rpms, needless to say, lots of sweat on the floor after this one.  Later that eve was a 4500 yard workout where I told myself to bring a bit of the masters team down south back to my team.  We did 8 rounds of 150's on the 1:50 followed bg 50 fly on :50 and 100 ez.   I held 1:39's, once again, my fastest of the year.  Tuesday was a brick workout where I did mostly single-leg spinning and isolations on the trainer. Then it was  1+ mile jog to the treadmill where my goal was to run 3 miles on the tread descending miles from 6:15 to 6:00 pace.  Seemed easy enough but I still gotta get used to treadmill running, my aerobic system didn't feel stressed but my legs just didn't want to turnover at treadmill pace so I only managed 2 miles at 6:17 pace and .5 mile at 6:00 time.  30 minutes of weight followed and then a 1+ mile jog home.  Wednesday was a good day.  Once again, I went to the pool with the intent to give it to myself.  But as I hopped in the water, I knew I didn't have speed today so with a track workout looming later on that eve, I decided to make the swim workout more about strength.  I did 4 rounds of 200 IM on 2:50, 200 Free on 2:40, and 200 Free on 2:30, no rest in between rounds. Felt strong as I held 2:39's for the IM, and 2:23 and 2:20 for the next two 200's. What really made my day was the track workout I had with my old team Zoom members in the city.  It was fun to catch up and meet the new team members who are quite fast including Adam Zastrow, the overall amateur winner at the most recent Ironman CDA.  The workout was 4 x 1 mile broken down 1200 at 10K pace and a 400 at faster than 5K pace.  Don't know how I did it but I managed to hold 4:15's threw the 1200 and finish with a 75 for 5:30 miles.  I was on a total high after this workout.  And yes, Keith tried to get me to race for the team bribing me with a new race kit and Rudy Project helmets and sunglasses. I was shaken but not broken, I held really firm and said...get this, "I'll think about it".  And finally, as I was about to get on the treadmill on Tuesday, a co-worker who happens to be a lesbian, said that I was looking damn sexy.  Now, is that not the ultimate compliment?

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