Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Off Season

I'm still in my "off season" and training casually, mostly swimming and cycling. After a four week break since the marathon, I attempted my first run yesterday. I rode 85 minutes on the trainer and hopped off for a little jog to test the hamstring and the knee. I wasn't hopeful as my hamstring felt tight on the turbo and within a couple of steps on the run, the knee hurt...but not as bad as before the break. I'll give it another go tomorrow and make a decision then. I've been doing leg raises and leg extensions in hopes of strengthening the vmo muscle around the kneecap. As I was doing my lunges, my hammie and glutes were really feeling it and I'm thinking the lunges might be aggravating the injury. As with most injuries, it's a bit of detective work and testing theories to find the cause. The swimming is coming along nicely and I now have a new favorite set: 10 rounds of 4 x 50 free [3 on the :40, 1 on the :35, no breaks in between rounds]. Give it a go, it's a great set to work on a fast stroke rate for open water swimming. I've only ridden outdoors once in the last 2.5 months, it's a good thing I like riding the turbo. And new for this year, I will be racing for Team PacWest-Lombardi Sports. We've got some great people as well as great athletes and the support is off the hook. And now, my main reason for posting. I've come to realize that my life isn't exciting enough to warrant regular posts and that 90% of the time, my motivation for posting is that I have a great YouTube video to share. The Onion is freaking hilarious.

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IAN said...

YEah, but it is SOO worth it. thing does much more than juice. Nice work on the 2:53 in AZ by the way.