Thursday, February 19, 2009

It's Official...I'm a Chic

According to Under Armour, I'm a woman. Being a woman is not new to me. My name is Kiet, it really can go either way or martian for that matter. You might also want to read this post from the Donner Lake swim this past summer. At 5'6" (barely), 125lbs, and 6.5 feet size (7 on international airplane flights), I guess I could be described as dainty. On Tuesday night, our team met with the Under Armour rep to get some free schwag for the upcoming season (photo attached). I saw a shoebox with my name on it and when I opened it, I immediately said, SH!@, women's shoes. As runners, we all know that shoes are color coded by gender. As soon as I saw light blue, I knew the rep did not have a size 6.5 in mens and instead gave me a size 8 in womens. Sadly, this is not the first time I've had to wear light blue shoes. It doubly sucked because the mens shoe color is red, my favorite color. And see the jacket in the picture, that too is a womens jacket. Apparently the guys on my team think they too are dainty and they grabbed all the smalls. So, here I am outfitted as a woman from head to toe. I must say, though, the jacket does make my waist look small and my bust rather large. Just when I think I'm getting back into swim or bike shape, I am now sick. My second test run yielded better results with the hammie and knee. I ran 21 minutes off an hour turbo session and it felt ok, just minor tightness and minor pain. I'm thinking the rest and time off is helping the healing process so I will continue to take time off in hopes of healing 100%. And yes, once again, my primary reason for posting is because I've got another great YouTube video to share. This kid is absolutely sick!


Eileen Swanson said...

Hey KIET!! Fun post, love the shoe size! You're pretty darn fast with those 6.5ers! ;-) Glad you're healing up and feeling better. Cool vid.

IAN said...

Hahha... "Dainty"... I only wish I were a bit more dainty.