Sunday, March 1, 2009

Channeling Mark Allen

I'm going on my second week of being sick and green snot, headaches, coughs, and fevers are getting quite old. In two weeks, I have not swam at all, been on the trainer twice for less than 30 minutes each time, and have not run. I find that when I'm in this state, I somehow become Mark Allen, and not the Mark Allen that won 6 Hawaii ironmans, but the Mark Allen that runs spiritual retreats and does the whole shaman thing. Yes, it's times like this that I seek a higher meaning. Oh, why higher being are you not allowing me to get better so that I can get on with my training? What's that? You want me to fully recover from my hamstring injury and you know that I would not take the time off from running otherwise. OK, makes sense to me. The next big thing in the tri world is going to be Sailfish wetsuits. Mark my words. All I ask is you try one on and you will understand why I have that look on my face and why my teammate Dave is checking out my a@@. Unfortunately, if you are anywhere but in northern California, it's going to be hard to get your hands on one. Sailfish is just beginning to invade the US market and they are starting in northern California. Sailfish, you heard it here first. I've spent the last two weekends cooped in my house and well, that means a lot of YouTube clips. And yes, I have encountered Bon Qui Qui.

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D said...

When I don't/can't train all that happens is that my ass expands. Could you please tell me the higher meaning in that?