Sunday, June 7, 2009

In Search of Speed

I went out to my first HOP (House of Pain) ride in search of said speed. Being that this is my first time doing this ride, and in territory that I rarely venture out to (the suburbs); combined with the likelihood that I could get dropped, you would think that I would learn the route beforehand. But that's not how I roll. To the surprise of many of my teammates seeing me out there, they one by one reassured me that I would not get dropped after I told them that I didn't know the route. Fifteen miles in, I got dropped. What do I do? I keep trying to chase the group down and in my attempt, I passed other dropped riders, all of whom were looking at me and thinking, does this idiot think he is actually going to catch the group solo? I hammered the next 10 miles in total denial, telling myself that though I won't catch them, I sure found some speed. And then it slowly hit me that I had no idea where I was and how to get home. You would think that I would just turnaround and go back but once again, that is not how I roll. I knew the ride was a big loop and I was determined to find this loop. After taking two dead end roads and finding myself deeper in the burbs and getting more and more scared (BIG SUV's), I was stopped at a light figuring out what turn I should try next. The light changed and as I rolled out, the HOP pack come riding up on me. SERENDIPITY! And within two minutes, the pack came to a halt at a gas station, the ride's food/water break. My teammates rode up and saw me and they all started congratulating me for staying on as it was an unusually fast ride that day. I just rolled with it and said thanks. I looked at this turn of fortune as a second chance of sorts and I was determined not to get dropped for the remaining 25 miles. And yes, I hung on and very much satiated in my search for speed. Off the bike, I did my fastest run on the treadmill. The plan was to do a mile warm-up and 3 miles at 6-minute pace, and a mile warm-down. I've attempted this plan before this season and have yet to succeed. On this day, not only did I nail it but I added another mile at 6-minute pace. Whew! Speed found. To reward the day's efforts, I went to my favorite vegan restaurant, Millenium, with some good 'ole friends. And after dinner, we hit up the movie The Hangover. This movie is going to do even better next week because of word of mouth. A must see.

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