Sunday, July 5, 2009

Death Ride Cramming

Two weeks ago, I got an email to join in on the fun and do the Death Ride, 129 miles of riding with over 15,000' of climbing in the Lake Tahoe area. I took on a very zen attitude and said, if it's meant to be, then I will find a last minute entry. It was meant to be as I found one for only $50 and the guy selling it lived only one mile from me; it was really meant to be. So basically I am cramming: 80 miles on Friday followed by 100 miles with the profile looking something like this. I basically did 1.5 loops of this 64.5 mile ride. It was weird to come home after 64 miles, refresh my water bottles, and then head out again doing the exact same ride I started 4 hours earlier. The original plan was to do 2 loops for a total of 129 and over 15,000' of climbing (basically my own version of the Death Ride). But since my friend bailed on me, I came up 29 miles and 3000' vertical feet short of the goal. Regardless, I will make it to the ice cream stop at the top of the last mountain pass come this Saturday. Oh, what's that you say? Why not sign up for an ironman since I have all this fitness? I'm actually considering it.

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Charisa said...

Oh I have heard of this DEATH RIDE!!!!! Craziness! But I bet you it will be awesome! Anytime you add ice cream to a ride it is very fun :)