Monday, August 17, 2009

Finally, I've Arrived

After more than 15 years of racing, I finally made it into a triathlon video (that I know of anyways). I'm near the halfway point of the video but my teammate Dave got tons of coverage on the bike. He's the one with his skin completely covered from the neck down, he's Irish and he doesn't like the sun. But he's damn fast on the bike. After 4 weeks of low mileage and vacations, I'm spending the next 4 weeks building my base back up now that I've whittled it down to nothing. Yesterday was one of those days that made me comment, boy, I sure do love this lifestyle. Great training, great people, great weather, and great food. I've got 3-4 races left in the calendar including a half-ironman as my last race. I haven't done a half in over two years. I'm not a fan of going long but since I'm now officially signed up for IM OZ, I think I better start embracing the distance.

On another topic, it seems that everyone I know has been affected by cancer of late. Almost every blog I know of has mentioned the C word at some point in the past two weeks. My mom lost her battle to breast cancer more than 15 years ago and my whole website came about as a result of me trying to honor her. Cancer sucks but everyone should know that it's a chronic disease. Unlike a cold, you just don't wake up one morning with a life-threatening tumor. It takes years for cancer to progress so do your part to stop or slow down its progression. And get screened! Think PREVENTION!

On a less serious topic, I'm in a bit of bind. I love the product but I'm not so enamored with the people selling the product, do I buy the substantially discounted product?


IAN said...

Looks like an awesome venue. Whats the elevation there?

D said...

Holy dorkinator.

Fuck awareness. Find a cure.
You should read Tasha's blog, if you don't already. On my link list. I think you'll really appreciate her sense of humor. (Thighmaster Route to Kona)