Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Practice Makes Perfect

Big Kahuna Tri...actually Duathlon
Time: 4:03:30
AG - 9th; OA - 32nd

I had a lot to practice on Sunday. First, I forgot my camelback with all of my water for the bike ride. And yes, I was actually going to race with a camelback. When it comes to the long stuff, I have no shame, it's all about nutrition for me. So I practiced my problem solving skills. Second, the swim got canceled due to fog so I practiced my attitude adjustment skills and tried to stay mentally in the race. And finally, I got to practice a nutrition plan in hopes of dialing the correct one for ironman OZ. I don't think the coconut water and the snickers bars are going to work. You see, I hate eating while racing, my body just doesn't want to do it. So I try to pack foods that I would actually crave. Unfortunately, foods I crave work in practice but not in races. I got a lot of practice making quick porta potty stops on Sunday. Going long is a humbling experience for me and though I didn't podium, this is the race I am most proud of this season. Not only did I prepare myself well for this race, I really enjoyed doing it; especially this late in the season. Thus, when the swim was canceled, I had no regrets about the hard work I put in to have a good swim. My plan was to take the bike out controlled and hammer the way back and ride around a 2:30. I went out in 1:15 and came back in 1:12, mission accomplished plus. Onto the run, it was about overcoming my demons. I have many stories of bonking on the run, it's what I do really really well. Because I've bonked so many times, I usually run scared and this race was about overcoming this fear. The first 3 miles and the last 3 miles were awesome. The middle miles were marred with GI issues, porta potty stops and the mental doubt that comes with nutritional issues. But even during those less than ideal 7 miles, I mentally stayed in the game. Those last three miles of the run were absolute bliss. I was en fuego and catching so many guys, far different from the walking I've succumbed to in the past. And did I mention the sprint finish in the sand at the end? Man I hope someone got pictures. I am feeling hopeful about this upcoming ironman. Whew.


IAN said...

I like it. And I am going to start calling you Joanna Zieger. way to hammer the bike. I share your sentiments for IM OZ

Charisa said...

Sounds like a very successful day!! And awesome negative split on the bike!