Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Feeling the New Year

2010 has yet to come but already I feel like I'm in the middle of my season. The mileage has gone up in the last two weeks and I'm feeling it. When I hop out of bed in the mornings, my first step is accompanied by the feeling that a succubus of sort came in the middle of the night and repeatedly beat both of my legs with a big ole stick. Aaah, that mid-season heavy feeling and the season has yet to start. The good news is that I'm hitting personal best times on my runs and rides. As for the swim, unlike every other person I know, I'm not trying to become a fish with two-a-day swim workouts. Instead, I hop in the water three times per week and do this workout every time: 1000 free, 1000 kick, 1000 IM, 1000 or 2000 pull. And finally, if you're a triathlete who thinks you're a badass runner, go run with a real runner and you might think otherwise. I went for a run with my friend Iain (a real runner who recently ran a first time 2:22 marathon), whom I hadn't seen since high school. We ran cross country together and I haven't been a real runner since. Running next to Iain made me realize how much of a triathlete I really am. He had this effortless gazelle-like gait while I had this ironman shuffle thing going on. Up until running with Iain, I sort of felt like a gazelle again but my run with Iain made me realize I am far from it. However, it's amazing how fast we triathletes can shuffle, 6:45 pace for 10 miles, that'll do. Happy New Year y'all.

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Charisa said...

Happy new year! 6:45 is nice :)