Saturday, February 13, 2010

Day 12: Somehow You Do It

This is what Bree said to me Friday morning right after swim practice, and before my 17-mile run out to the energy lab. It's in reference to how we can get all of our workouts in considering how bad we feel. Thursday was the regular group ride here in Kona toward the south side. I was riding scared the first 30 minutes because my legs were thrashed after a 90-mile ride the day before. I was feeling pretty anxious because I did not want to get dropped because I didn't know the ride well enough to get back home. Fear worked in my favor and not only did I survive, I felt awesome in the second half. Are you starting to notice a theme here with my training? It was my hardest ride since arriving to Kona, thanks fellas. And yes Bree, Luis is intimidating-I simply adopted the don't speak unless spoken to policy. Back to Friday and the dreaded 17-miler out to the energy lab. Somehow I did it and it was not pretty. Within the first two miles, I knew this was going to be one of those survival runs. I could only average 7:30-8:00 minute miles and I kept telling myself this is the true ironman marathon feeling. I had good, okay, and bad patches. Lucky for me, I was in a good patch when Lance went by me on his bike. Moments later, he came back in the opposite direction and we waved, I think our relationship is going to the next level. I was so happy to be done not only because I banked the miles, but today was my first beach day since arriving. Of course I documented the day along with Bree's crazy encounter with a police officer. Be warned, if you're not up for island people doing and saying silly things, you might want to skip this one. Later that evening was a Wii partay at Bree's, with several Wii virgins in attendance, including moi. Somehow, we all became obsessed with either how hot, how fat, or how cool the Wii animated players looked. This morning was a recovery ride on the Queen K with Bree. As we started, I told Bree that the only thing that would make this trip 100% awesome is if I got a photo with me and Lance on the Queen K. As we approached the turnaround, I felt good and decided to go longer in an attempt to get closer to 400 miles for the week. Big mistake. Guess who Bree ran into (and successfully bridged the gap) on her way back? DAMN IT! Well, I've got 130 miles worth of riding tomorrow to take a pic of me and that elusive guy. I've had a lot of fear around this ride tomorrow but for some reason, as i was sitting waiting for sunset tacos to happen, I actually got excited about the ride tomorrow. I just have this feeling that everything is going to be okay tomorrow, and if not, Bree instructed me to call her for a ride. Once again: Be warned, if you're not up for island people doing and saying silly things, you might want to skip this one.

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