Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Day 9: I Baked

Day 9 was a solo 90 mile ride to Waimea. The first hour was spent quieting the mind of doubt and fatigue. The second hour went a bit better but still had tired legs. Then it was a 10 mile, 2400 feet climb up to Waimea. I found a nice coffee shop with happy workers, who actually looked like they loved their job. Everybody called me "brah" and wanted to hear about my ride from Kailua. What took me an hour to climb only took me 15 minutes to descend. Ten minutes into the Queen K, I had my first Lance siting, yes, that Lance. I heard Lance Armstrong was in town training and there he was riding in the opposite direction with his entourage, a minivan following him. I waved to Lance and he immediately waved back as though he had the same idea. This gave me goose bumps and set the tone for the remaining 34 miles home. I was on a total high. No more than 20 minutes later, I see Chris Lieto going in the opposite direction with his entourage, a guy on a scooter, not quite like Lance. I too waved at Chris but his wave back was a bit more delayed and forced, almost obligatory. Not as high of a goose bump factor. So I recounted what happened with Lance and was back in the game mentally. The goal of this ride was to go long on tired legs and to nail my nutrition. I succeeded in both, now I just gotta find a way to get an iced mocha and an everything bagel with egg, cheese, tomato, and sprouts at the half way mark of ironman Oz. After the ride, it was a quick bite and shower, and then off to Bree's place to do laundry and get my first baking lesson. I was invited to another dinner party and did not want to show up empty-handed. With Bree and Kainoa's help, I made macadamia nut carob chip kona coffee cookies. They were a huge hit at swim practice and at the dinner party. Believe it or not, that was my first time baking cookies from scratch, it was so freaking therapeutic after a long day of training. Master swimming was awesome too. We were really a team tonight, supporting each other through the workout. The main set was 25 x 100, build 1-5, and maintain pace for 20. I just got back from dinner after a full day. Off to bed to get ready for a 7 AM group ride tomorrow.


IAN said...

Wiamea is awesome huh? Nice work on the ride, and I think the bagel could be accomplished. the Mocha, not so much in a SN bag

D said...

You need me at Oz. I ALWAYS find my iced drinks. Anywhere.