Thursday, March 4, 2010

Day 31: What I learned in Sydney

I'm currently on the Gold Coast doing my second and final big block of training. In the last two weeks, I've averaged 15,000 meters of swimming, 200 miles of biking, and 40 miles of running. My run feels really strong right now, my bike feels like it's fallen off a bit due to the lack of mileage, and my swim was bad until I put some back-to-back 5000 meter days. Here's what I learned in the two weeks I spent in Sydney:
1. The layout of Sydney is like San Francisco, but the vibe is more like San Diego.
2. They love to party here.
3. It seems a lot more gay here with all of the straight metrosexual men.
4. I think I'm too conservative and too uptight to raise a daughter here.
5. I rarely see obese people.
6. It's common to see people commute by running.
7. There are lots of white people, and black and latinos are almost non-existent.
8. Sane, employed, non-addicts, and white people actually ride the bus.
9. Somebody is still making a lot of money selling neon-colored fabric (most blue collar workers wear neon uniforms)
10. Sydney is very 80's.
11. Nobody looks twice at a man walking in nothing but a speedo and towel for five city blocks (Scott).
12. Pool etiquette much?
13. A catastrophe is an 8.8 earthquake striking Chile, the airline misplacing my bike seat is not a catastrophe, it is just a setback.
14. The people are addicted to exercise and fitness (check out my "Warriors" workout), and they really like boxing gloves.


IAN said...

Livin the Dream. Just Livin the Dream.

Charisa said...

Love your list!!