Sunday, April 25, 2010

Day 84: Egocentric Me

Trouble-free traveling, so nice when it happens. After smooth sails on the Gold Coast, Noosa, and Brisbane, I've hit a bit of trouble in Byron Bay (yet again). I can't get into my accommodation and the contact person is unreachable, thus I'm loitering in a cafe. I got to stay at a posh hotel in Brisbane for free, compliments of IM Oz, and the hotel had FAST wifi so I was able to upload my kitesurfing video. Don't expect much, it's just me setting up my own rig, but to a great soundtrack. I'm in Byron for the next four days waiting to fly back to Sydney. I've had some bad luck here so I'm looking to make it right. I will be doing yoga everyday that I'm here and on top of that, I have a Buddhist teachings class on Monday night, and an Insight Meditation workshop on Tuesday night. Like I said, I'm trying to make it right.

I've been so self-absorbed that I completely forgot about Earth Day. In fact, I'll be the first to admit that this whole trip is a bit self-absorbing. On many occasions, I find myself feeling guilty for just training, traveling, and playing. I mean, how is what I'm doing the past two months contributing to my community or helping to advance society? I'm sure other pro's must ask themselves the same question. And some respond by racing for charity and other causes. I guess I'm getting the full feeling of life as a pro triathlete.

Back to Earth Day. Well before the day, I came across a great article giving a bit of tough love on what we can do to help the environment. The article dished out tough and not so easy actions that will benefit Mother Earth. The average food travels 1500 miles before it lands on your plate, buy food that is local and in season. It requires a lot of energy to move all that food around. Yeah, you might have to forego certain fruits and vegetables when not in season but HTFU! The article also asked you to forego having children in order to control the overpopulation problem. I had a college professor that gave a lecture linking every major problem on this planet to overpopulation. He sold me on the idea that day and since then, I have never wanted my own kids. If I do have kids, I'm adopting, there are plenty of unwanted children out there. Get rid of your car. I've been without a car for the past two months, and though I'm managing, I have to say that I miss my car. I find myself sitting at home a lot more without a car. There have been moments when I'm sitting on public transportation and think to myself, this ain't so bad, I should give up my car. All too often that moment is fleeting. I'm not giving up my car but I will drive it even less than I already do. Become a vegetarian or at least commit to eating less meat. It requires 5,214 gallons of water to produce one pound of beef. Scary. Stop using plastic. Plastic can last as long as 100 to 1000 years in a landfill, and recycling plastic doesn't resolve the situation. Simply put, don't use plastic. Pay the extra money and go solar or use some other alternative form of energy. And finally, fly less whenever possible. I should talk, my butt has flown more in the past two months than I have in 10 years. But I will commit to trying to fly less. Sorry friends, we won't be seeing each other as often. There you go, HTFU and do something to help Mother Earth.


Libby said...

ugh... so jealous. I miss byron bay. good vibes to you that the accomodations work out for ya. that's beautiful land out there, I miss it heaps. jealous of your yoga/travel/triathlon life :) nice job getting the rig set up!! now just don't get blown away lol...
love the HTFU approach to earth day and I love your blog, I will visit frequently!!!

IAN said...

my job requires me to use a car, it takes energy to power the lights and computer, the legal profession uses more paper than any other profession, and I bring food to work in plastic (there just is no other way). I think I should quit my job. Thanks Keit