Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Day 87: Making Things Right

My goal was to make things right with Byron Bay, and after four days here, I can definitely say I did more than right. The people here are friendly and it is common for strangers to greet you. There are organic markets galor offering delicious food like brown rice vegetarian sushi and curry chickpea pot pies, yummy. And of course I found the store with endless bins of bulk foods. The vibe is definitely spiritual, laid-back, and on the hippy/yippy side. The weather in Byron Bay is perfect during April, with warm days and cool nights. I'm staying in Belongil Beach, which is about 2 km outside of Byron Bay. It is much more quiet here and the beach is only 100 meters away. Every morning, I have a skim cap at either the Belongil Beach Cafe or the Tree House. In the evening, I chill out on the comfy sofas nestled in the trees of the Tree House Cafe, and listen to live acoustic music. I highly recommend staying in Belongil Beach. I also recommend renting a beach cruiser to get around. I find that I have this constant grin on my face whether I'm riding through town, on the beach, or on the numerous bike paths.There are so many different yoga classes to choose, from Kundalini, Hatha to Purna, and I even took a Bikram class, a style I swore off years ago. On Monday night, I rode the cruiser out to a retreat center for a buddhist teachings/meditation workshop. The center was peaceful and very conducive to yoga/meditation; now why didn't the yoga intensive take place here instead of the caravan park? Buddhist meditation is so much kinder and gentler than mindful (Indian) meditation, and I'm thinking about offering this as a class to my students next semester. On Tuesday night, I got to put some of my newfound Buddhist meditation skills to work at an insightful meditation workshop, also at the retreat center. It's so awesome being so close to the beach, and the place I'm staying has surfboards galor to use. The breaks in Byron Bay are perfect for beginner surfers like moi. Every run always starts or ends at the beach. I even did my speedwork, 10 x 400's on the beach, and I have two bloody blisters on both big toes as result. Note to self, tape the toes next time. I'm still running a lot, doing double runs every other day. I've only swam in the ocean since being here, and I kind of miss the 400 IMs I've been accustomed to doing in the past two weeks. Tomorrow, I fly back to Sydney and I will definitely miss my holiday here in Byron Bay. But to quote Arnold, I'll be back.

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