Friday, September 10, 2010

New Coach

"Don't worry, I will be your coach :)" I'm holding you to it Libster. No racing this Sunday. I emailed the race director asking him to transfer my entry to next year, crossing my finger. And just like that, heeeeeello off-season. Now I just have to shake this sinus infection to actually enjoy it. After four days of work, my time in Australia/Kona seems even farther away. The pic is of a running track (Aussie speak) just across the street from the place I lived in Burleigh Heads (Gold Coast, Australia).


Libby said...

ha! my first athlete! love it!!! workout #1: get unsick. workout #2 (when healthy): have a beer and enjoy life!!! happy offseason. I will be there with ya soon :)

Charisa said...

Rest up and enjoy the off season!