Monday, February 14, 2011

Get the Work Done

During my sabbatical, the Aussies and the Kiwis taught me about HTFU; this past weekend, Ian taught me GTWD, or get the work done. Saturday was my longest ride of the season, 96 hilly miles, followed by an 8 mile brick run. Then it was off to the pool for 3200 yards of swimming. But one long day is not that hard, it's backing up that long day with more training, that there is the ironman training secret. It's the second day that you gain iron fitness. The second day involved a 12-mile run followed by 2 hours on the bike. By the time yoga came around that evening, my legs were thrashed and I suffered in chair pose. My yoga teacher, oblivious to what I do over the weekends, kept pushing me to sit lower, too funny. I really need to clue my teacher in as to what I really do before I hit her class. I also really need to do these things:

Take an ice bath after a long day-my legs were very sore the next day.
Refuel properly after a long day-I was calorie deficient starting my workouts the day after.
Always bring an emergency gel-on both runs I kept thinking to myself, "A gel would really improve my mood right now."

I started my coaching season last week which meant my training day started at 5:00 AM and ended between 7:30-8:45 PM depending on the day. After one week, there is no way I can sustain this schedule. Charisa to the rescue. She suggested I try an 8-2 schedule. Eight days where the focus is bike-run with some swimming and yoga thrown in as maintenance. Then two day recovery where I do weights and swim. The first two cycles are speed emphasis and the third cycle is volume. This schedule is much more sustainable, even leaving me some time to do things like clean my house and hang out with friends. The change-up is nice and there is reprieve every eight days.

And finally, the Libster gave me a pretty nice gift on Sunday. I was sitting at home thrashed after my 12-mile run, and opened my email to this picture. She ran her half-mary in memory of my mom, and seeing the picture made me realize how awesome sport can be. Simply put, you rock Libster!


IAN said...

Dude, that is a gnarly weekend. Good on ya.

ANd the run for your moms is rad!

Michelle Simmons said...

Yay for long training weekends! Welcome back. :)

fwiw, I downloaded that One Republic 'Secrets' song and have it on my playlist now... every time I hear it I picture you training!

Jill Costantino said...

AWESOME! That 8/2 seams really great! That is awesome of Libby too! You hang with some pretty cool peeps:)

Matt said...

ouch that some solid training! Nice!

Libby said...

:) nice work. I like the 8/2 idea!