Tuesday, March 8, 2011

10 Questions with Charisa Wernick

Sports Background before triathlons?


Pre-race ritual?

Warm up run

Strange place you bodyglide?

I got nothing for you - unless you think it's weird that I bodyglide beneath my timing chip

What are the two most played songs on your ipod?

Someday by Flipsyde & something by Wolf Parade or Sia, also the Raveonnettes

What do you crave when you are bonking?

Pizza, mac & cheese - dirt - pretty much anything with calories in it :)

How many #2's pre-race?

Hmmm I'll go with two

What is an obscure website you visit?

apartmenttherapy.com - awesome and creative decorating ideas for small spaces

What's in your special needs bag?

Gels & maybe a bar

Team Macca or Team Crowie?


What's your ride?

QR CD0.1

*You can learn more about Charisa at http://charisawernick.com


Beth said...

Love it! Although I have to say, I've not heard of any of those music groups. I'm behind the times!!

Jennifer Harrison said...

GREAT interview, thanks! :) FUN

Teresa said...

Love Charisa!! And what's up with that bar tape/wrap...its HOT!


Matt said...

great interview! nice, never heard of http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/....

Jill Costantino said...

Awesome! She's a pretty cool Chic!

kim said...

Cool! I learned things I didn't know! Checking out that website now!