Saturday, March 12, 2011

Something About Mary

I had a mini-meltdown two weeks ago, and from that, I started to question my discipline and work ethic. During idyll moments, I would reflect on my decision to race two Ironmans this year, was it just whimsy on my part? Then I got a comment from Mary saying that she too has mini-meltdowns. Let me catch you up on Mary. She wakes up at 3:50 AM and she has 3 Ironmans on the schedule this year. This woman does not lack discipline. This got me to thinking then, what is the cause of our melt-downs? I was then reminded of something my sister, our amateur family therapist, told me years ago. She said, "People rarely get mad from anger, but rather, they get mad from hurt." From this, I deduced the idea that Ironman triathletes don't have meltdowns due to lack of discipline, but rather due to fatigue. When Mary and I wake up at the wee hours of the morning, if we are more fatigued, it is harder to get started. But we don't lack discipline. Thus, there's no reason to question our discipline. We just need to reduce the fatigue, either by rest or keep up the training to get more fit. And this leads me to another quote I read on Mary's blog, "progress is a drug". YES IT IS! Since taking 4 days off from the stomach flu, I'm starting to feel progress again and it is addicting. After a long 10 hour day of work, I was riding my bike home and caught myself getting really excited to sit on the trainer. I was getting fit again and I wanted to nurture the progress.

And for those of you still curious, yes, I belted out the song at the wedding. The night before and up to the morning of the wedding, I had decided that I was not going to do it. It's a wedding, a sacred ceremony, I'm not gonna stink it up with my silly notion of singing a song and playing the guitar...badly. But my friend and the groom, Kevin, said something to me in passing, and probably with not much thought, that changed my mind. He said, "We are all going to need a little courage today Kiet." I'm so I glad I did, I guess this act was more special than I could have imagined.


martin briars said...

that old demon fatigue ! i had this exactly one year ago. This year i have upped my training session in number, but reduced them in length - and feel so much more fresh, and strong ! you certainly are disciplined - with two irons on the agenda, you have to be !
all the best

Libby said...

awesome!! so glad you sang, I knew you wouldn't regret it. I think you are so right about fatigue and ironman. the drive and desire is in there, we just all go through our dark points where sleep sounds better than anything! good to know that we aren't alone in going through those rough patches and good to see you back. you won't regret this year in retrospect, that much I know!!

Kim said...

A very wise post, and one I also believe to be completely true. I love reading things like this because I get frustrated when I'm not getting enough sleep, up early etc. etc. and everyone else at work talks about how getting up at 7:30 is so harrddd.. I guess it's all relative! It's nice to know Mary and you are going through the same things! Take care! Glad you sung your song! Package leaving PA TODAY for you!

Teresa said...

Taking the rest is part of the discipline! You need it. Listen to your body, I know you do. It is easy to think that if we are resting we are not getting fit.
And yes, progess is addicting! I am so glad you are back at it and feeling better and deserve it and will flourish on ironman day!!!